Special Notes from Our Customers

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you at Green Valley for all you do....all year make gardening fun. Green Valley is such a special place and I frequent it many times a year. The staff is so friendly (especially Troy) and welcoming. Thanks for the garden tours, classes and special events you hold all year long to engage us with gardening and plants. Looking forward to next garden season!  -- Pat

My daughter & my two grandkids & myself were at Green Valley last Saturday & had the time of our lives~~~~ THANK YOU!!!  -- Mickey P.

Thank you so much for the wonderful garden tour and plant. I'm so glad I discovered Green Valley! You chose three great gardens to see. I think we all become better gardeners when we get to see how others put together their plants and pots. Thanks to all your staff. You make us better gardeners from your cheerful help and advice. I love to shop at Green Valley!!  -- Pat S.

I would like to thank you for the work that Green Valley does, and for the gift it is to your local gardeners. I appreciate how well kept and beautiful your plants are when I shop at Green Valley...they are always deadheaded, well watered, clean! I was in with my mom one day and she was astounded at how beautiful everything looked so late in the season...we both bought things we did not need because they were just so... lovely. The staff is always friendly and I always feel welcome, it is a happy place....Thank you also for the opportunity to step in out of the snow in the winter and smell the soil and feel the humidity and dream of is a gift. By the way; I think that the new 'Farmers Market' is a terrific idea, now I don't have to wait for a specific day or time to get the same great produce! Awesome. Thanks.  -- Helen B.

I just wanted to say Thank-you for your very uplifting website. Just crawling out of a very cold and long winter, it's nice to be able to click on your site and see the flowers and greens, it's like a breath of fresh air. Well, and of course there's always just getting in the car on a gloomy day and going out to your green house to walk around and feel the warmth and comfort of the plants. And picking up a little something to cheer up the home. I'm glad I discovered the best kept secret in 1986.(Sorry, but I haven't kept it a secret, I keep telling people about the GVGH)
  -- Debbie K.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I don't know if that is enough or not. You responded to my e-mail in short time, and followed up with a phone call offering to set aside plants that I wanted. I traveled up to you from St. Louis Park on advice from my daughter.It was well worth the trip. I am very pleased with the plants I purchased and the great assistance offered when there. In fact, I traveled up twice, because I left my garden folder behind. Even that mistake was handled with great customer service (I forget which one called) as she found it, returned my call and put it aside for me. Thank you.
It is encouraging to see such great customer service.
  -- Marge