HolidayAre you looking for an easy fundraising program that is guaranteed to be successful? Do you need to raise money for a special project, but you want to sell something that people will value and enjoy? Green Valley Greenhouse provides profitable fundraising programs all year long that will help you accomplish your goals.

2 Ways To Raise Funds

4 programs throughout the year (Easter, Spring, Fall, Holiday)


Available in all programs
Organization members simply sell $25 Green Valley Garden Center Gift Cards to their friends/family/neighbors and your fundraising group keeps a percentage of the total sales. This is a great option for local fundraising because there is NO money required up front, NO requirement to sell all the gift cards, and best of all, NO product to distribute! The gift cards may only be redeemed at Green Valley Garden Center in Ramsey, MN. Feel free to do this option in addition to another Green Valley fundraising option during each program.


Available in all programs except Spring
Each member of your organization collects orders from their friends/family/neighbors, etc. using the Picture Guide/Order Forms. One fundraising coordinator tallies the orders, arranges for delivery, and distributes product to each member. Green Valley makes this process easy by having the option to tally and finalize orders online.

Here is what some of our customers say about the programs.

"Working with GVGH each spring using the Gift Card fundraiser has been great. It is out biggest fundraiser so it is crucial that the seller and the customer both find it easy and of value. This has been the case for the 5 years I have been the fundraising coordinator. Our association has benefited greatly from this partnership." -- Scott B., St. Francis Youth Baseball

"I do have to say this is the easiest computer program that I've ever worked with. It is very well done. I always get so frustrated with the computer and programs for entering. I seem to always run into glitches and I didn't with your system. Thank you for making it soooooo easy! It's been a pleasure working with you on our fundraiser! We will definitely do this again." -- Shannon S., Prairie Oak Community Church

"Your plants last forever, they are good quality and size. All of our customers say to come back to them every year. The delivery process is very easy and I LOVE the profit margin." -- Sandy G., Coon Rapids HS Gymnastics

"Thanks again for a seamless and easy fundraiser. You guys are miles above other things we have tried, and we appreciate all your hard work." -- Jeremy D., Reif Center

"I just want to let you know that I truly appreciate a clear web page. It was very easy to use and navigate. Rebecca is a great resource and such an asset to your company. She responds to phone and email in a very timely manner. All in all my fundraising experience has been fantastic. Thank you again for your excellence. Can't wait for the flowers!." -- Marie Y., St Katharine Drexel

"This is a great and easy fundraiser for the kids. All of the plants/flowers are very nice. Church members look forward to buying them every year. Easy ordering system and delivery when you want them. Rebecca is awesome to work with as well. Thank you!" -- Kari W., Community Lutheran Church - Youth Group

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