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African Violets

Streptocarpus sect.

african violets
A mix of African Violets

African Violets are a beautiful flowering plant that you can often find in your local garden center during the winter. They have gorgeous, soft leaves and a range of different flower types and colors. Let's get into the care for these spectacular flowering plants.


Getting a African Violet specific soil is very important when it comes to potting/repotting your violets. These plants have fine roots and need a mix that is well draining. We sell an African Violet potting mix here in our garden center, and many garden centers should carry them. If you can't find an African Violet specific mix, you can mix up your own. The three key ingredients are peat moss, vermiculite, and perlite. To add some acidity (which African Violets thrive with) you can add some dolomite lime in a spray bottle with some warm water and moisten your mix.

African Violet soils
African Violet soils


African Violets can be a little picky about their water. Make sure to use room-temperature distilled water, or rain water. Keep the soil moist at all times, but be sure to not let the soil get soggy or sit in water. There are specific pots that can aid in moist, but not soggy soil.

These Violets do not like water on their leaves. When watering, either water directly onto the soil, bottom water, or use a wicking pot/African Violet specific pot.

"Keep soil moist at all times, but be sure to not let the soil get soggy or sit in water"

You can also feed your Violet every two to three weeks with an African Violet specific food! This will just give it its extra nutrients it needs to succeed!

African Violet food
African Violet food

Light requirements

African Violets enjoy a window that provides north, northwest or northeast exposure. If you want to place your plant in a darker spot, light can be supplemented with a grow light. 6-8 hours of indirect sunlight per day is optimum.

A pink Violet

The perfect pot

A lot of suppliers make African Violet specific pots. These pots are a must when growing African Violets in your home or office.

As shown above, the pot that will hold your plant, sits in a bowl that you would keep filled with water. This lets the soil stay moist without holding too much water. I have one of these pots for my Begonia Maculata (Begonias love these pots too) and it is thriving. I couldn't recommend it enough! There are many different styles to this type of pots. A clear bowl with a terracotta pot, to a beautiful ceramic pot in your favorite color. There is one out there for everyone!

Alright, that's my brief overview of African Violets! Take these tips and apply them to your Violet and see it thrive.

Happy planting:)


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