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Companion Planting


The definition of companion planting is as follows; the close planting of different plants that enhance each other's growth or protect each other from pests.

Companion planting is used by many seasoned gardeners and can be easily accomplished. If your looking for a way for your garden plants to sustain themselves*, benefit the soil*, and naturally keep pests at bay*, then look no further then companion planting.

*Sustain themselves- plants can "lean" on each other to provide shade, vine up and overall support each other in the garden.

*Benefit the soil- some plants tend to naturally leech out important nutrients. Certain companions can put nitrogen back into the soil. This is what farmers set to accomplish when they rotate their crops each year.

*Naturally keep pests at bay- SO MANY plant companions are companions because they help deter pests. This is a good way to keep chemicals and sprays out of your garden.

plant companionship chart
Plant companionship chart

Above is a peak at the chart I added below, as you can see for each crop there are companions, plants it should stay away from and its benefits!

Click below to download the complete plant companionship chart!

Plant Companionship Chart
Download PDF • 175KB

Happy planting!


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