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More plants, please!

Who are we? We're gardeners!

What do we want? All the plants!

Where will we put them? We don't know!

Sound familiar?

If you are like most gardeners, there is no such thing as having enough plants. There is always a way to make room for more. Then, just when you think the season has come to an end, and you can put away your gardening tools, it happens! Those year-end sales entice you to go back to the garden center to load up your cart with more.

It is easy to fill a cart when year-end sales make a few more perennials irrestistable.

As you leave the garden center and make your way back home with all your great deals, reality sets in. You have no idea where you are going to put them. You may even ask yourself, "What was I thinking?" Here is some good news: You don't need to decide now; you can wait until spring.

There is an easy way to overwinter your new plants without taking them out of the pots. Just dig a large enough hole in your garden to fit all the pots and surround them with soil. You can then treat them like your other established perennials. You may wish to cover them with some shredded leaves or another mulch of your choice. Keep in mind, you can use this overwintering process with shrubs as well.

overwintering, perennials, shrubs
Both perennials and shrubs may be buried in the garden without taking them out of the pots.

When the cold, winter winds and masses of snow give way to spring warmth, you can look forward to uncovering the buried treasure in your garden. Hopefully, by this time, you will have plotted and planned over and over, and you know exactly where you want to plant them all.

The bottom line is this: There is still time to grab some late season deals and take advantage of the overwintering process. Come visit us at Green Valley, and we will gladly help you find some green treasures to take home.

May we never stop growing!


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