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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is a special day set aside to celebrate our Mothers. Truly, a day isn’t enough to show our Moms how much their love, dedication, hard work, and sacrifice mean to us. But, it is a day they more than deserve to be celebrated! We love celebrating Mother's Day here at Green Valley! Today’s blog will give you some inspiring gift ideas that can be purchased at our Garden Center as a way to show the Moms in your life how much you appreciate them! Let's dive in!

Woman holding flowers and a card

Gift Idea 1: Orchid with Care Supplies

Orchid and orchid care supplies

An Orchid is a flowering houseplant that provides endless beauty when it blooms. They have specific needs that when tended to, help the plant thrive. We have all the supplies you would need to help an Orchid grow happily. This is the perfect gift for the Mom with a love for flowering houseplants.

Gift Idea 2: Seed Starting Supplies

Seed starting supplies

Spring is the perfect time for seed starting! We have many varieties of seeds to choose from: veggies and herbs to annual blooms, we've got it all. We also carry any of the supplies you may need to give the seeds a great start. This is the perfect gift for the Mom with a green thumb and a love for growing!

Gift Idea 3: Herb Planter

Herb planter

Here at Green Valley, we have several already-planted Herb planters that are ready for you to purchase. Even better, pick out a variety of our fresh herbs and plant them in a beautiful container chosen specially for your Mom. Herbs provide incredible aromas, and it is so much fun to be able to grow your own to use for cooking. This is a great gift for the Mom who loves to cook with fresh herbs.

Gift Idea 4: Patio Pot

Begonia Patio Pot

Patio pots are lovely additions to a porch, patio, or deck. They provide bright pops of color that catch the eye. You can shop from our single variety pots and our exclusive combination pots. There is a lot of beauty to choose from. Choose a patio pot as a gift for the Mom who loves beautiful, colorful flowers that are easy to take care of.

Gift Idea 5: Hanging Basket

Spring Annuals Hanging Basket

Our hanging baskets are lovely staples to add to your home, and we have lots to choose from! Our hanging basket annual blooms come in lots of pinks, purples, blues, and whites. They are just beautiful! Choose a hanging basket for the Mom who loves annual blooms that are delicate and soft.

Gift Idea 6: Potted Houseplant

ZZ Plant

Houseplants make a wonderful gift because they last all year round! We have a great selection of low-maintenance houseplants that provide beauty all year round. Plant one up in a cute pot, grab a care card, and there you have the perfect gift! We have houseplant accessories and fertilizers to make the experience even more fun.

Gift Idea 7: Spring Annuals

Annual Caladium Plant

Spring annuals are one of our favorites at Green Valley! We have TONS of varieties to choose from and they come in lots of different sizes. Annuals are great for window boxes or decorative planters. Some thrive in full sun, some thrive in part sun, and some even in full shade. Check the tag for care needs. Grab a variety of flowers and colors to make a great gift for Mom!

We hope these ideas give you a great place to start when you are shopping for Mom this weekend! Our hours are 9-7 on weekdays and 9-5 on Saturday - stop in for a visit, we would love to see you!

If you are a Mom reading this blog, Happy Mother's Day to You! Thank you for everything you do day in and day out. We are so thankful for you! Enjoy being celebrated this weekend - you deserve it!


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