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Pet Cactus Rocks & Painted Pot Craft

Looking for an easy and adorable craft to do with your kiddos at home? You are in the right place! Today we are learning how to make Pet Cactus Rocks & Painted Pots.

Pet Cactus Rocks

This craft is sure to bring joy and laughter into your home. The supplies you need are basic and cost-effective. Take a look!

Pet Cactus Rock & Painted Pot Supplies:

  • Rocks  You want to make sure the rocks you use have one flat surface to adhere the googly eyes to. You also don’t want the rock to be larger than your pot, so size accordingly!

  • 2” Terracotta Pots

  • Acrylic Paint (for the pots) Use outdoor or weatherproof paint if you are planning to have your rocks sit outside. You will need some white acrylic paint to add the cactus prickles on the rocks.

  • Green Spray Paint (for the rocks) It is much easier to do a quick batch of spray-painted rocks than to do these by hand. It will save you time and mess! Make sure to follow the instructions on the spray paint can.

  • Googly Eyes The most fun part! The rocks get so much personality if you use a variety of sized googly eyes.

  • Paint Brushes  Make sure to get small-tipped paint brushes to add the cactus prickles to your rocks.

  • Hot Glue Gun  You only need this if your googly eyes do not come with adhesive backing.

Pet Cactus Rocks

Making Your Pet Cactus Rocks

Step 1: Spray Paint Your Rocks

This step should be done first as it may take several coats and several hours of drying before they are ready to be used. I recommend painting your rocks the day before you want to make the craft so that they are completely dry.

Step 2: Paint Your Terracotta Pot

This is the part where your kiddos’ creativity gets to shine through! Using the acrylic paint, paint your unique design right onto the terracotta pot. Let the paint dry thoroughly before handling or you could smudge your beautiful artwork!

Step 3: Paint the Cactus Prickles

While you are waiting for the terracotta pot to dry, add your white cactus prickles to your already painted rocks! Wait just a few minutes to let your prickles dry, and then move on to step 4.

Step 4: Add the Googly Eyes

Pick out your googly eyes, and if you have ones that came with an adhesive back, just peel and stick em’ on! If they do not have an adhesive back, pull out the hot glue gun and use the hot glue to carefully stick the eyes on the rocks.

Step 5: Assemble Your Pet

Once everything is dry (glue & paint), gently place your pet cactus rock into your beautifully painted terracotta pot and voila! You have a Pet Cactus Rock and a home for it to live in. If your rock is too small for the pot, fill the bottom of the pot with some paper towel or foam to give it some height. Set your new friends in places you’ll see often. You can’t help but smile when you see your Pet Cactus Rock!


Pet Cactus Rock & Painted Pot Craft Day at Green Valley!

Join us at our Garden Center on February 19th to make this adorable craft, all materials provided for just $5! You can visit anytime between 10am-4pm. Pre-registration is required through our events page: PRESIDENTS DAY CRAFT: Pet Cactus Rocks | gvgh

 Tag us on social media with pictures of your own pet cactus rocks! We would love to see them!

Happy Crafting!


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