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Spider Plants: All About Propagating

Is your spider plant overflowing with spider pups, but you're not sure where to start in order to propagate them and create new spider plants? Here, we will go over a couple ways to propagate spider plants!

Spider Plant, Mother plant

Separating the pup from the mother plant

Spider plants send out stems that will grow flowers and eventually, baby spider plants. Those baby spider plants, or pups, can then be separated from the big plant and grown into its own large spider plant!

To do this, you’ll simply cut off the baby spider plant when it shows little bumps on the base (those will become roots). Then, you can either propagate them using water or directly into soil.

Spider Plant, Spider plant pup, propagating
These white nubs are roots that will grow longer as the pup becomes its own plant

Growing roots:

Soil: The quickest way is to simply stick your spider pup into a lightweight potting mix and give it some water. The plant will grow its own roots into the soil within weeks.

Water: Another way to grow your spider pup’s roots is to stick the base of the spider plant in a container of water for a few weeks. This way, you can see the roots grow! Once the roots are about ½ in – 1in long, then you can stick the pup into soil and give it fresh water and fertilizer.

Spider plant, roots, propagation
Once the roots have grown, transfer the pup to soil to continue to grow


Spider Plants, mother plants

Spider plants are very easy to care for, and they are fast growers. Wait until the soil dries out in the top inch or so before giving your plant more water. When you do water it, make sure you have a pot with drainage holes in it so that the water can flow through, and your plant won’t get root rot. Spider plants are tolerant of low light, but can grow in bright indirect light as well. Eventually, your baby spider plant will grow its own flowering stems that will turn into more pups!

Spider plants are an awesome beginner plant, so if you're looking for somewhere to start, they are a great choice.

They would also make great gifts for someone who is interested in plants. Take some of your pups and give them away this holiday season to spread some plant cheer!

spider plant, spider pup
A spider pup before it is ready to be cut off and propagated

Keep going and keep growing!


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