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Wilt Stop

What is Wilt Stop and what can I use it on?

Let's dive in!

Wilt Stop is a natural nontoxic product derived from the resin of pine trees. This spray prevents excessive moisture loss when greens are cut. It also forms a protective coating which holds moisture within plant foliage thus reducing water loss. Only one application is typically needed.

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Now, what can you use Wilt Stop on? The first thing that may come to mind is your spruce pots, Christmas trees and wreaths. This is a wonderful product to help lock in moisture and keep your winter greens actually green until the spring! You can also use it on your evergreens and shrubs within your landscape to help combat against wind burn, winter kill, and salt damage.

Wilt Stop is a very simple, yet very helpful product. I'd 100% recommend it for your winter greens and evergreens this winter.

Happy spraying!
-Megan :)
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