*Containers pictured not included with purchase of plant.  Plant will come in plastic growers pot. 


Croton houseplants need bright light to maintain their colorful leaves. If there is insufficient light, new leaves are green not predominantly yellow, red, or orange. Too much direct sun causes phototoridation, a condition that makes Croton leaves gray and dull looking.


Allow the top 25%-30% of the soil to dry out before watering. Crunchy leaves indicate over-watering. Leaves become soft and droop when your plant needs water. When a croton is severely over or under-watered leaves drop off.


Fertilize a croton monthly in the spring and fall and every two weeks in the summer with a basic houseplant food diluted to 1/2 the recommended strength. If your Croton is in a bright sunny spot, but the new leaves are coming in green, reduce the amount of plant food. Too much fertilizer also causes the leaves to curl.


Croton Plants prefer warm temperatures between 60°-80°F (15.6°-26.7°C).


High humidity is a plus.



The Garden Center is open for pick up 10am-4pm, Monday-Friday, 10am-1pm Saturday.  At check out you will enter in your desired pick up date and time.  When you arrive enter the Garden Center driveway on the west side of the facility. Call 763-753-1621 ext. 2 when you arrive and an associate will bring your order to your vehicle. Proof of purchase required to receive product. 


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