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Bromeliads 101

How do you care for these tropical plants?

Bromeliads are a gorgeous tropical plant that can bring a lot of color and joy to your home! They are also very unique in their care, which we will go over here!


Bromeliads are in the same family as the pineapple! In the wild, they live in trees in groups, and are able to collect water from the rainfall and save it in the nooks (or, "cups") in their leaves.


Watering is the main way that bromeliads differ from many other houseplants.

watering bromeliads

We recommend watering bromeliads by filling the "cups" in between their leaves with water, and the plant soaks it up from there. Keep those cups filled consistently, and the plant will take up what it needs.

watering bromeliads

You don't need to water the soil of a bromeliad very much, as it can lead to the base of the plant rotting. Bromeliads don't like to be overwatered. You can add water to the soil to weigh it down occasionally, as sometimes the plants get top-heavy and can tip over. Make sure you are letting the soil dry out between waterings so it doesn't stay wet and rot. Bromeliads are very drought tolerant, especially varieties with thicker leaves, so dryer soil isn't a bad thing.



Bromeliads are a tropical plant, and like to have bright light. Sometimes, a direct sunbeam can burn the leaves, but having it by a window is the best light conditions. This may also help it to flower longer.


A bromeliad will only flower once in its lifetime. Once those colorful leaves are done, the plant will stay green. It can however, produce pups along its stem. Many people choose to keep their bromeliad after it is done flowering in order to harvest and propagate those baby bromeliads. Those baby plants will flower, and you'll have a supply of bright bromeliads in your own home!

Which type of bromeliad flower is your favorite?

Please feel free to ask us questions if you have any!

Keep going and keep growing!


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