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How to Care for your Spruce Tip Pot

Tips and tricks for keeping your spruce tip pot greens looking nice all winter long.

Spruce tip pot, Christmas

Spruce tip pots are not plants, they are arranged greens in a pot of soil, so caring for them is a little different than caring for a living plant. Even with that in mind, it is very easy to care for these decorations!


Like a floral arrangement, your branches and stems that are in the soil will need to soak up water in order to stay fresh. You'll want to be watering your spruce pot and keeping it moist until we get a full freeze. Once the water in the soil is frozen, there is no need to water anymore unless it thaws. If we do get a thaw in the middle of winter (hey, it could happen!) you'll want to check your pot to make sure it is still moist until it freezes again.

Making sure it is fully watered and frozen is also going to help your pot stay upright in any heavy winds we may get.

Sun Exposure

If your pot is in a very sunny area, like a south or west facing porch, we recommend protecting your branches from getting sunburned. We use a pine resin product on our spruce pots, which helps lock in the moisture on the branches themselves. We also sell this product on our shelves, it is called Wilt Stop. If you make your own spruce tip pots, we recommend using this on your creation to protect it.

Check our our entire blog post about Wilt Stop here!


Since this pot needs water and cold temperatures to keep fresh, don't keep your pot inside. Outside is the best place for these decorations!

Spruce Tip Pot, Winter, Snow

If we get heavy snowfall, we recommend brushing the snow off of the branches in your pot to avoid breakage, and so you'll still be able to see the decorations inside the pot.

These pots are a beautiful and fun way to decorate for the holidays, and throughout the winter! If you have questions on your spruce pot, please call and ask or submit a question here!

Keep going and keep growing!


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