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Plant of the Month - Hibiscus

May 2024

Hibiscus are a popular annual in our cold climate. We struggle to keep them in stock as they fly off the shelves during our busy spring season.

Hibiscus have showy flowers that come in a few different colors and give off that tropical vibe. They also come in different shapes and sizes. Braided Hibiscus and Bush Hibiscus.

Sunlight - Hibiscus LOVE direct hot sun during the summer months.

Water - They like to stay wet but not soggy, well draining soil and never let them dry out.

Temperature - Bring your Hibiscus plant inside when temperatures start to drop below 55 degrees. Thrives best outside from late spring to late summer before fall temps.

Did you know? you can overwinter your Hibiscus plant ? Well you can ! Bring your Hibiscus inside when temps start to dip below 55 degrees. Your Hibiscus will want to be in a sunny location. If your Hibiscus starts to drop it's leaves, don't worry that is normal. During the winter, allow the soil to dry out between watering as you don't want to over water it and it also allows it to go dormant. In the spring when the days are warmer and longer you can start hardening off your plant to outside conditions. Take a look at our blog titled "Early spring and Hardening off" for more

details on how to do so.


Fun Fact - Hibiscus flowers can also be used in drinks and other recipes!

You'll want to harvest the flowers when in full bloom by removing the petals and sepal from the round bulb between the flower and flower stem. There are many health benefits from Hibiscus flowers. Be sure to do your research before consuming anything you are unsure of.

If you grow Hibiscus this year, tag us in your photos of them!

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